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El rol de los Bush en la historia oculta de USA

El rol de los Bush en la historia oculta de USA

DejaVu in America: The Ongoing Civil War, and the Bush Family's Role In It
"Politics is not about power. Politics is not about money. Politics is not about winning for the sake of winning. Politics is about the improvement of people's lives. It's about advancing the cause of peace and justice in our country and in our world. Politics is about doing well for people." Senator Paul Wellstone (D-MN); 1944-2002

"It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance." Robert F. Kennedy, speaking before the largest integrated audience ever assembled in Cape Town, June 6, 1966

"Look, our strategy is to create chaos, to create a vacuum...We will export death and violence to the four corners of the earth in defense of our great nation." President George W Bush, 2002.

"If we let our vision of the world (as laid out in PNAC, Project for a New American Century) go forth, and we embrace it entirely, and we don’t try to piece together clever diplomacy but just wage total war, our children will sing great songs about us years from now." Richard Perle, Chairman, Bush Defense Policy Board and consultant to weapons-industry investors- called by Beltway insiders 'The Prince of Darkness.'

"We have all been here before; we have all been here before." Dejavu, CSNY





ONE: 1701-1900
The founding of Yale University; second President John Adams almost destroys new Republic; racists attempt to destabilize Union, killing President Lincoln and others; first oil wells drilled for kerosene; populist politics weaken stranglehold of industrial trusts; railroad baron E.H. Harriman begins journey to apex of investment world.

TWO: 1900-1920
George W's ancestors: Samuel Bush, Prescott Bush Sr, and George 'Bert' Walker, intersect with E.H. Harriman's railroad empire; Texas discovers big oil; Yale in China; Teddy Roosevelt pushes progressive agenda- also forms the Bureau of Investigation; Prescott Bush lies about military service; WWI demonstrates world dependence on oil; Bushes, Walkers and Harrimans join forces, invest in war weapons; J. Edgar Hoover rises through ranks; Ku Klux Klan re-forms; American citizens embrace anti-immigrant and fascist ideologies; Halliburton incorporates; Iraq gives up the oil; race riots sweep America.

THREE: 1920-1930
WWI allies carve up Middle East; American fascist groups gain in size, popularity; Attorney General Palmer rounds up thousands of European Jews, radicals, progressives; Red Scare; Prescott Bush marries into Walker family fortune; Henry Ford publishes anti-semitic lit; Bush friends Dulles brothers legal counsel to Nazis; Republican Teapot Dome oil scandal; Bush, Walker, Harriman shipping line smuggles German agents, Nazi propaganda, money for bribing American politicians; Union Banking Corp founded by Bush, Harriman, Fritz Thyssen to manage German investment and launder Nazi money; J. Edgar Hoover heads BI; stock market, de-regulated by Republican administrations, collapses under its own corruption.

FOUR: 1931-1939
Brown Brothers, Harriman merge; Un-American Activities committee investigates US fascist groups, Nazi propaganda; Prescott Bush buys into CBS; J. Edgar Hoover manipulates press, politicians, lives the high life; Hitler enters government with legal and financial help from Dulles brothers, Bush/Harriman; after the Reichstag fire, German Constitution and all civil liberties suspended; US radio broadcasts 'Christian Fascism' hatred of Jews, Communism, unions, Roosevelt; Nazi-US commerce coordinated through Bush/Harriman bank UBC; 'deranged loner' shoots at Roosevelt; Socal, later Unocal, obtains exclusive oil concession in Saudi Arabia; Eugenics movement spreads to US; Hitler's plan to 'Germanize' America; Polish government fights Bush/Harriman, Nazi stockholders for control of Poland's largest industry- whose workforce will soon be sent from Auschwitz; young law student Richard Nixon recruited for NY law firms by Dulles brothers and first head of American intelligence Bill Donovan; US German groups boycott Jewish merchants; Congressman LBJ slides lucrative contracts to campaign financiers Brown & Root (later Halliburton); Leo Strauss' neo-con ideologies; Jewish mobsters combat anti-semites; new head of Un-American Activities Committee changes focus, compiles blacklist of liberals, anti-fascists; German-American Nazi camps in small-town America; numerous House Republians use offices to: disseminate pro-Hitler/fascist literature, visit with Nazi propagandists, publicly support Nazi regime while condemning Roosevelt; Hitler invades Poland, ending Bush/Harriman-Poland legal battle.

FIVE: 1940-1944
Britain goes to war against Germany; Roosevelt pressured to stay out of war by pro-Nazi House members; Nixon loves Cuba, United Fruit Co; Nazi Germany manipulates Republican, Democratic party platforms; Henry Ford, Charles Lindberg, Herbert Hoover, future Nixon speechwriter Patrick Buchanan, Gerald Ford, pro-Nazi Silver Shirts and Klansmen- all form America First Committee, attract over a million members; Nixon joins Navy; Brown & Root receives first military contracts; Roosevelt establishes OSS; Harriman becomes Ambassador; Prescott Bush's partner advocates terror-bombing of civilians; Pearl Harbor; 'Yale in China' an intelligence front; Congress investigates House members under pay of Nazis- lead whistle-blower dies in plane crash; Roosevelt seizes three Bush/Harriman/Nazi companies, but US allows Bush/Harriman to hold onto some of their business and/or German stock- Bush likely trading intelligence on Germany for immunity from prosecution; Hoover bails out corrupt ex-FBI Republican bagman, who later dies in plane crash; George Bush Sr uses family connections to become Navy's youngest fighter pilot; United Fruit Co oppresses Guatemala; Joe Kennedy Jr dies in plane crash.

SIX: 1945-1950
US drops the bomb on a Japan trying to surrender; Richard Nixon returns from Navy, connects with Dulles brothers; organized illegal Jewish immigration to Palestine swells Jewish population there; a 'selection committee' of Eastern bankers like Bush/Harriman, California mobsters like Mickey Cohen offer to underwrite a Nixon campaign for Congress; Hoover offers Nixon FBI resources; George Bush Sr works for Dresser Industries (later Halliburton); Truman creates CIA; Big Oil Texans court Hoover; Brown & Root builds offshore oil platforms; Nixon elected after dirtiest campaign in memory, gains national exposure in Alger Hiss trial; Republican politicos, bent on regaining White House, fuel Red Scare with FBI help; Nixon's corrupt pal Joe McCarthy hijacks HUAC for Republican gain in elections; JFK donates to Nixon's campaign, rejects Nixon because of unethical tactics; Harrimans, Bushes begin to drift apart politically and otherwise; Bohemia Grove; George Bush Sr starts oil company; Prescott Bush loses bid for Congress because of Eugenics past; Joe McCarthy big hit in Texas.

SEVEN: 1951-1959
Iran nationalizes oilfields; first Bush in politics wins a special election; Prescott Bush collects $1.5 million from Nazi bank UBC stock, money goes into trust fund; Nixon's funding scandal; Nixon uses TV to spin defense; Allen Dulles leaves Gulf Oil of Latin American, becomes director of CIA; CIA helps overthrow Iranian leader, increases covert action in Latin America; US military overthrows Latin governments hostile to United Fruit Co; B-actor Ronald Reagan an FBI informant; Eisenhower sends special-ops, CIA 'advisors' to Vietnam; Reverend Moon founds a church; US corporations, mobsters own Cuba; Prescott Bush, LBJ serve together on Senate Armed Services Committee; CBS, CIA; McCarthy discredited but 50% of Americans admire him; Howard Hughes exchanges CIA funding for business favors; Lee Harvey Oswald joins Civil Air Patrol; Bush Sr begins offshore drilling, Brown & Root builds platforms; Robert Kennedy busts Nixon's campaign strategist for bribery, attacks organized crime; Hoover spies on civilians, bets on mob horse races, morphs 'Red Scare' into 'Black Menace'; Saddam Hussein joins Ba'ath Party; Manuel Noriega, CIA asset; Texas oil funds Nixon, Johnson; Nixon expected to win '60 Presidential election; Eisenhower warns about “military-industrial complex” subverting government; Oswald leaves top-secret Marine post- charting U2 flights over USSR- defects to Russia.

EIGHT: 1960-1962
Howard Hughes rents islands to CIA for Cuba invasion training; George Bush Sr has drilling platforms among these islands, begins intelligence career (likely following in Prescott's footsteps) as he business travels Texas, New Orleans, Florida, the Caribbean for Zapata; FBI looks for Oswald impersonator; CIA uses mob to undermine Castro; same mobsters finance Nixon's campaign; JFK wins Presidency by thinnest margin ever, thanks to 100,000 votes delivered by Chicago mobster Sam Giancana; press exposes US plans to invade Cuba- New York Times claims 'Mr. B of the CIA' is in charge; Kennedy vows US will never invade Cuba; Bobby Kennedy publicly embarrasses J. Edgar Hoover; Bay of Pigs invasion fails; JFK fires Allen Dulles, shuts down CIA training camps; Prescott Bush commiserates with Dulles; Brown & Root wins billion dollar Vietnam contract; Kennedys further infuriate radical right-wing oilmen, Hoover, mob; FBI blackmails White House with threat of sex exploit 'leaks'; JFK plans to enforce Hoover's mandatory retirement; civil rights activists face violent social, legal, political resistance; racist Democrats flee to Republican camp; Oswald renews US citizenship, returns unharassed by US intelligence; Halliburton buys Brown & Root.

NINE: 1963- JFK Assassination
JFK negotiates with Russia; Bobby Kennedy busts hundreds of mobsters, goes after Giancana- who delivered in '60 election; Colin Powell in Vietnam; Saddam Hussein tortures individuals on CIA interrogation lists; Kennedy initiates federal investigation of oil tax breaks; televised images of US racist brutality stun world, King accuses FBI of complicity; Kennedy publicly supports civil rights, Voter Act; church bombing kills four black girls; King marches on DC; Colin Powell develops 'overwhelming force' doctrine during search and destroy missions; George Bush Sr wins Chair of Houston Republican Party; JFK gestures peace to Castro; withdraws 1000 advisors from Vietnam, plans all troops home by '65; FBI smears King; US assassinates South Vietnamese leader; JFK removes CIA's covert combat authority; Bush Sr sues Texas Governor John Connally to force new Republican district- where Bush can run unopposed; JFK assassination threat in Miami; Clint Murchison's house party on assassination eve; Kennedy killed in Dallas; TX Governor John Connally (in the middle of Bush's redistricting lawsuit) also shot, cries out, “My God, they’re going to kill us all!”; Oswald arrested in Howard Hughes' Texas Theater, says he's a patsy, is shot next day by Jack Ruby; Johnson appoints Warren Commission, stopping all investigations; Allen Dulles defacto head of Commission; Hoover tries to block Time magazine from crowning King 'Man of the Year.'

TEN: 1964-1969
Johnson immediately appoints Hoover 'FBI Director for Life'; Bush Sr runs campaigns against civil rights bill, for Cuban invasion; Moon opens US headquarters; Bush pushes escalation of war, nukes; Bush oil drills in Latin America, Middle East- tax evasion charges taint election prospects; Ted Kennedy runs for Senate- plane crash breaks his back, kills two; Nixon campaigns for Bush; Bobby Kennedy runs for NY Senator; Bush mounts “greatest campaign spending spree ever,” uses Nixon-style dirty tricks; Kennedys win, Bush loses; Warren Commission blames Oswald, no motive; LBJ signs Civil Rights Act; Klan lynches Lemuel Penn; CIA creates Gulf of Tonkin incident; more Vietnam contracts to Halliburton; massive bombing of North Vietnam; Malcom X shot; Bush wins redistricting, campaigns again unchallenged- says "I want conservatism to be sensitive," but mocks civil rights leaders, anti-war protestors; King protests Vietnam war; Eisenhower, others promote Moon; Democrats enact 'progressive tidal wave'- poverty is halved, CEO/worker wage disparity at historic low; Jerry Falwell condemns civil rights, touts segregation as "God's Order;" Republicans appeal to white working class fear, gain 47 House seats; 20-year old Bill Clinton confronts Arkansas racists; CIA experiments; Bush hires advertiser to run campaign, wins election, unprecedented appointment to influential committee; press attacks King's anti-war stance; Colin Powell protects superiors from reports of US atrocities; George W at Yale; Jim Garrison tilts at Warren Commission; DC panics as King plans massive 'poor people's march', vows to camp until legislation passed; Tet offensive exposes White House lie that US is winning war; future Fox News director Roger Ailes Nixon's media strategist; George W enters special Air National Guard unit, despite near-failing scores; Ross Perot, Howard Hughes buy Nixon; Nixon/Kissinger undermine LBJ's Vietnam peace talks before election; King is killed; Bobby Kennedy's Presidential campaign ends with his death; Pentagon Papers; Nixon tries to destroy Ellsberg; Colin Powell works for Nixon, meets mentors Frank Carlucci, Caspar Weinberger.

ELEVEN: 1970-1974
Nixon plans right-biased media; Bush receives Nixon funds but loses Senate race; George W dates Nixon's daughter; Chile nationalizes oil, banking; Nixon appoints Bush UN Ambassador; Richard Cheney Nixon's White House aide; Nixon looks to oust unstable Hoover; Kent State anti-war protestors killed; Bush's oil partner delivers cash to Nixon campaign; Saddam Hussein nationalizes oil; CIA destabilizes Chile, Iraq; Pinochet terrorizes Chile; Bush promotes escalation of Vietnam at UN; candidate George Wallace shot by 'crazy loner,' suspects Nixon; Lucianna Goldberg (later of Monica Lewinsky fame) hired by Nixon as sex spy on McGovern; Nixon sells Lincoln Bedroom overnights; Hoover found dead- buried sans autopsy, Secret Service strips house immediately, top to bottom; burglars arrested in Watergate; military begins drug testing, George W and James Bath suspended for skipping tests; just before elections, outspoken Democrat Hale Boggs disappears in plane crash; press ignores Watergate scandal, Nixon wins re-election; CIA's E. H. Hunt blackmails Nixon over Watergate until wife killed in plane crash; Nixon brags "Bush will do anything for us;" Moon uses call girls to compromise US Senators; Deep Throat warns "everybody’s life is in danger;" Bush Sr charged with deflecting Watergate blame; Arab nations form OPEC; young and vocal attorney Hillary Rodham helps Judiciary Committee investigate impeachment; Moon, followers publicly support Nixon in national demonstrations; head of College Republicans, Karl Rove, helps Bush Sr paint Watergate as political witch hunt; White House tapes expose Nixon's guilt; Bush urges Nixon resignation; Gerald Ford is only VP and President to take office without being elected to either; Bush and Nixon blame Watergate on 'liberal media'; Ford pardons Nixon, immediately ending all deeper investigations into Nixon administration crimes; Nixon's fromer Treasury Secretary William Simon sets out to create a right-wing media.

TWELVE: 1975-1979
House investigates US intelligence; Church Committee focuses on CIA assassinations; CIA Director Colby "too cooperative," Donald Rumsfeld has him fired; Ford appoints Bush Sr new CIA Director; CIA obstructs, stalls investigators; Bush Sr handles guns-dope runner Noriega; mobster Sam Giancana killed shortly before testifying; Kissinger invests in West Bank; Chilean economy rebuilt on neo-con free market principles, becomes most unstable in Latin America; CIA acknowledges experiments; 'Squeaky' Fromme tries to kill President Ford; second attempt on Ford's life 17 days later; Dick Cheney now White House Chief of Staff; Saddam Hussein wins UNESCO award for raising Iraq"s literacy rate; Bin Laden construction firm one of largest in Middle East; House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) re-examines JFK, King killings; Church Committee learns hundreds of journalists are CIA assets, Bush won't release names; Bush CIA buys planes from George Jr's Air Guard friend James Bath, finances through corrupt BCCI; Church Committe concludes: "the investigation of the (JFK) assassination was grossly deficient;" Ford, Bush try to bury Pike Committee report, Daniel Schorr leaks it to press; 'Koreagate,' Moon, KCIA; Bush CIA destabilizes Jamaica, tries to kill Bob Marley; Bush CIA think tank spins intelligence showing phony US weapons deficiencies; Bush Sr DUI; Carter wins Presidency, immediately removes Bush from CIA; Congress investigates Moon; gangster Santos Trafficante pleads 5th on all HSCA questions regardng JFK's asassination; George W begins oil company; four of seven Warren Commission counsels express serious doubts about WC Report; George W loses first Congressional race; Oswald benefactor and alleged 'handler' commits suicide by gunshot four hours after HCSA subpoena; former Assistant FBI Director William Sullivan dies of gunshot wound while hunting, shortly before scheduled HSCA testimony; Jimmy Carter applies sanctions against Iraq, takes Noriega off CIA payroll; Iran throws out Shah, takes American hostages; Bush Sr arranges for Iran to hold hostages until after election; Jerry Falwell, other US religious leaders file court briefs in defense of Reverend Moon.

THIRTEEN: 1980-1986
Bush loses bid for Presidential nomination; Reagan reluctantly chooses Bush- whom he doesn't like, trust- as VP; new Gov. Clinton takes on Tyson Inc, other entrenched interests; Clinton appoints African-Americans to administration, addresses institutionalized racism; Iran hostage crisis dooms Carter; Reagan wins election, hostages released minutes later; Reagan funds covert war in Central America; Noriega back on payroll; 'deranged loner' Hinckley shoots, nearly kills Reagan; Hinckley a friend of Neil and George W Bush, had been kicked out of the American Nazi party; Iraq attacks Iran; Reagan army recruiters sent primarily to ghettos; Bush Sr votes to renew chemical weapons tests; Project Democracy begins to collect funds from right-wing donors; Moon publishes ultra-right tabloid Washington Times; Bush Sr chairs task force which deregulates banking industry, leading to S&L meltdowns of late ‘80s- in which his sons are complicit; Moon convicted of tax fraud, sentenced to prison in CT; BinLaden, Halliburton assist Saudis in military buildup; Congress forbids US tax dollars for CIA missions; US sells bacteria, viruses, retroviruses, fungi to Iraq, China; Bush sons involved in unethical, fraudulent business ventures; Bush buys SAM missiles fom China, provides nuclear/satellite technology- sells to Iran, profits sent to Central American covert actions; Reagan launches propaganda program targeted at Americans; Moon leaves prison, Reagan embraces during White House visit; Jerry Falwell speaks at Moon-sponsored events; Noreiga accuses Oliver North of $5 million dollar rip-off; Prime Minister of Sweden shot to death shortly after rejecting Oliver North weapons deal; Iran-Contra exposed; like Nixon, Bush surrounded by Bay of Pigs-CIA assets.

FOURTEEN: 1986-1989
Independent Kuwait seized by brutal, super-rich al-Sabah family; Colin Powell sends HAWK missiles to Iran, leaving US troops in Europe without; Pat Robertson uses charity to support his diamond, lumber interests; illegal Contra aid, drugs funneled through CIA airport in Mena, AR; pilot DEA informant Barry Seal killed hours before testifying; Averell Harriman dies, wife Pamela funds Democrats; Ross Perot sent after POW's, complains of CIA gun/drug runner interference, VP Bush removes him; Nicaraguan soldiers down American cargo plane full of contra arms- only surviving crew member repeats: "George Bush", confesses he is CIA; Bush sends family attorney to facilitate his release; Republican Special Counsel appointed for Iran-Contra investigation; day before scheduled testimony, CIA Director Casey stricken during routine exam, left unable to communicate- becomes Iran-Contra scapegoat; Carlyle Investment Group formed; FCC scraps Fairness Doctrine; birth of right-wing radio; Colin Powell lies under oath; bin Laden's brother Salem, business partner of Bush Jr and friend James Bath, dies in plane crash; Pan Am 103, part of US drug sting operation, explodes over Scotland; Bush beats Dukakis in vicious racist election; CIA-backed Osama bin Laden drives Russia out of Afghanistan; Exxon Valdez spills oil, never pays $1 in fines; Prescott Bush Jr sells satellites to China; Robert Mueller heads Iran-Contra probe (later runs Bush FBI); George W cons taxpayers over Texas Rangers deal; Little Rock's Stephens Inc is largest investment bank outside Wall Street; founder Jack Stephens deals with Bush family for years, despises Clinton- who sharply curtailed corrupt influence in AR; Bush Sr pardons anti-Castro terrorist; US invades Panama, kills 3000+ civilians but avoids bombing wealthy areas where Prescott Bush has invested in luxury hotels; Bush replaces Noriega with two other drug distributers.

FIFTEEN: 1990-1991
Bush sons get minimal fines in S&L convictions, Republican party pays; Dick Cheney obstructs Nelson Mandela's release, claiming it "bad for US interests;" General Schwartzkopf runs Iraqi invasion computer war games; Kuwait siphons Iraqi oil; Iraq threatens, US assures Iraq it's not involved; Bush Jr sells Harken stocks before they drop, illegally reports four transactions; Bush Jr, Texas Rangers investors convince Arlington to bill taxpayers, fans for new Enron Stadium; then they illegally claim emminent domain, seize 270 acres around ballpark, sell to developers at large profit; media attacks Oliver Stone's JFK a year before release; Bush, Kuwait hire PR firms to sell Gulf War; Bush Sr lies to Saudis about Iraqi threat, cites phony evidence; Bush Sr calls Senator Paul Wellstone "chickenshit"; Rodney King; research report: “The more TV people watch, the less they know; and the less people know the more likely they are to back Bush;" US begins heavy bombing in Iraq, loses over 400 troops; White House controls all war coverage; US massacres 10,000+ retreating Iraqis, on the 'Highways of Death'; Bush enourages Kurds, Shi'ites to rise up against Hussein; Powell advises US to not support uprising, leaves Hussein US helicoptors which are used to gas/kill thousands; Bush camp tells Clinton if he runs in '92 he'll never run for anything again; US violates int'l law by sabotaging Iraqi clean water; former US AG charges US with 19 violations of law in Gulf War actions; Saudi Arabia agrees to permanent US presence, infuriating Osama bin Laden.

SIXTEEN: 1991-1993
John Heinz (R-PA), on his way to Medicare fraud hearings, dies in freak plane crash; next day, former TX Senator John Tower, writing about his Iran-Contra experience, dies in plane crash; Condi Rice leaves Bush Sr’s National Security Council, joins Chevron; Carlyle Group recruits ex-Defense officials; Bush nominates Clarence Thomas to Supreme Court; Anita Hill charges him with sexual harassment, is publicly denigrated; Thomas wins; Danny Casolaro, investigative journalist, is found dead of apparent suicide in Richard Mellon Scaife's office building; CIA admits money link to BCCI; Bush Sr's top fundraisers sued for S&L fraud; Oliver Stone's JFK spurs Congressional creation of Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB); Bush Sr publicly declares Oswald only shooter, refuses to appoint members; Iran-Contra prosecutor finds flaws in Colin Powell's testimony; on Xmas eve, Bush Sr pardons all Iran-Contra figures, dissolving case against himself; Whitewater story released on eve of Democratic primaries; Rodney King cops acquitted, triggering worst race riots in US history; Defense Secretary Dick Cheney plans future 'war zones'; Robert Mueller insists Whitewater continue, Little Rock FBI head defies him, says no evidence to pursue, resigns; on eve of NH primary, Gennifer Flowers sells story of Clinton affair to tabloids; Flowers produces no evidence to prove long-term affair; audio tapes likely doctored; Jesse Helms asks Bush to pardon Pakistani drug smuggler; Bush Sr on payroll of Barrick gold mines, allowing mines on Nevada public land; judges Sentelle, Silberman (later of Monica Lewinsky fame) void convictions of Ollie North, Poindexter; Neil Bush sells Kuwaitis on Enron; Paul Wilcher sends Janet Reno documents about October Surprise, found dead in home; Bush appointee embezzles millions from Travel Office, Repubs object to firings and create 'Travelgate'; Cheney joins Halliburton, deals with terrorist nations; right-wing 'echo chamber' up and running.

SEVENTEEN: A Vast, Right-wing Conspiracy
1970's unkind to Republicans, "never another Watergate"; Clinton the murderer; the politics of personal destruction; Richard Mellon Scaife, 'Justice Jim' Thompson, indicted embezzler Judge Hale; cycle of revenge; American Enterprise Institute; right-wing philanthropy; The Heritage Foundation and the 'kitchen cabinet'; the 'liberal media'; Moon and Christians unite; The Council for National Policy; tabloidesque anti-Clinton videos; political action committees; the language of propaganda; Wednesday morning meetings; sex sells; judicial activism and the Federalist Society; Bohemia Grove; Project For a New American Century (PNAC).

EIGHTEEN: 1993-1998
Racists 'Justice Jim', Sheffield Nelson, embezzler Judge Hale target Clinton; Rush Limbaugh claims Foster murdered; Richard Scaife, American Spectator; George W elected TX Governor; veterans file Gulf War Syndrome lawsuit; Linda Tripp last to see Foster alive; Gingrich takes Congress; Paula Jones, backed by Scaife, Federalist Society, announces sex-harassment suit; Bush Sr's own RTC probe into Whitewater concludes Clintons not guilty; Commerce Secretary Ron Brown dies in plane crash while on Enron trip; TWA 800 crashes during naval missile-defense exercises; Halliburton targets Caspian Sea basin; Clinton pushes investigations into CIA drug trafficking; Unocal, Taliban talk Afghan pipeline; Clinton's omnibus terror bill reduced to uselessness by right; Jesse Helms, Trent Lott openly dismissive of terrorist threats; Ralph Reed, Gary Bauer, other religious right speak at Reverend Moon functions; Alger Hiss outlives Nixon; Bush Sr helps Reverend Moon overcome corruption charges in Argentina, launches another venture; Pat Robertson charity pilots say they fly supplies for diamond mines; Bush Jr decimates Texas' budget surplus; US Supreme Court rules in favor of twice-overturned Paula Jones suit; Clinton blocks Halliburton contracts because of recurring fraud accusations; Rumsfeld, Cheney in Project for the New American Century (PNAC) lobby for regime change in Iraq; government finally admits Gulf War Syndrome link- Bush Jr will later repeal; former sex spy for Nixon helps set up Tripp/Lewinsky; Fox News busted for falsifying news; George W's Texas Housing Dept rife with theft, fraud; 4-year CIA drug trafficking investigation reports 'no evidence,' probe staff director then commits suicide; Taliban hires former CIA director's daughter to improve image in US; Paula Jones accused of mishandling right-wing defense funds; Halliburton in Bosnia, building Bush's Enron stadium in Houston; AOL, with Colin Powell on board, pays the Drudge Report $3000 monthly to sling Republican dirt on Clintons; Drudge receives funds from the RNC and several right-wing foundations also; Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu visits first Reverend Falwell in US, then meets with President Clinton; numerous uncovered adulteries among conservative leaders get little attention from the press.

NINETEEN: 1999-2000
George W executes his 99th prisoner; hides from Dr. King Day celebrants; Halliburton, Shell, help African police shoot protestors; Republicans try to pin Chinese spy secrets on Clinton; George W's Texas record; Enron's only potential for profitability in India is trans-Afghanistan pipeline; re-opening Alger Hiss files after 50 years proves Nixon's deceit; Clinton freezes $300 million in Taliban assets as Bush Sr is courting Taliban for Carlyle Group, Unocal; John Kennedy Jr killed in plane crash; SCI, world's largest funeral conglomerate (and heavy contributors to Bush family) sued; Bush Jr perjures himself in depostition and fires the investigating team; Michael Powell of the FCC fails to recuse himself in the dubious AOL/Time-Warner merger, even though father Colin Powell sits on board, owns stock; St. Martin's Press kills release of Hatfield's Fortunate Son- book asserts Bush Jr's record for cocaine arrests expunged by Texas judge; another suicide connected to a Bush scandal; Halliburton everywhere US military goes, provides poor services- is investigated repeatedly for fraud; millennium terrorist plots at DC and LAX, Amman Radisson in Jordan, a constellation of holy sites in Israel, and USS Sullivan in Yemen are quietly foiled by Clinton administration; Election campaign 2000 begins; Bush Sr and Barbara clean up selling Global Crossing stocks right before scandal; PNAC publishes report calling for imperial America, with pre-emptive war policies, determined to let no other countries match power or dominance; NRA boasts a home in White House after election; USS Cole hit by suicide bombers; Bush ruins McCain in SC with racial, homosexual innuendo; Democrat Mel Carnahan, poised to beat John Ashcroft in MO, is killed in plane crash right before elections; Editor & Publisher magazine finds 2-1 bias in favor of George W among top press publishers, editorial decision-makers- all of whom have petitions before FCC to further de-regulate media; Enron's new enterprises with IBM, Blockbuster Video, AOL; British Ministry of Defence awards Halliburton $1/2 billion dollar contract; Bush campaign plants false stories about Gore falsehoods, position Bush Jr as honest; Bush election team plans to challenge Electoral College in projected loss to Gore; Paul Wellstone survives an assassination attempt in Columbia; Clinton spending on 'domestic terrorism security' jumps from $42 million to $1.5 billion; right before Bush-Gore debate, Arial Sharon commits Muslim sacrilege with armed troops; Clinton-Gore peace progress disappears in another intifadah; Burke's Peerage writes: "Not one Bush family member...was ever working class, middle class, or even upper middle class, ever." Gore's American bloodline includes Thomas Jefferson, Daniel Boone and England’s Edward I- best known as the king who defeated and executed Braveheart.

TWENTY: Election 2000

TWENTY-ONE: 2001, Pre-9/11
CIA briefs Condi Rice on bin Laden threat; George W suspends bin Laden investigations; FAA warns of hijackings; Moon hosts inaugural lunch- Ashcroft speaks, Billy Graham, most major televangelists in attendance; 25,000 protestors line Presidential route, hurling eggs, insults; Bush rehires felons from father's administration; average net worth of Bush cabinet ten times that of Clinton's; Senators Hart, Rudman send urgent anti-terror package to Condi Rice; Enron, others help bankrupt California by manipulating market, meet secretly with VP Cheney; Cheney mocks energy conservationism; Carlyle Group, Donald Rumsfeld meet; Judicial Watch criticizes Bush Sr Carlyle Group role; Bush camp makes Paul Wellstone a priority to beat; J. Baxter warns Ken Lay about Enron irregularities; nuclear sub USS Greenville- Repub donor at helm- sinks Japanese boat, killing nine; Prescott Bush Jr opens US-China Chamber of Commerce, assists George W with spy plane incident; US quietly increases troop strength around Caspian Sea; media targets missing Dem aide Chandra Levy, ignores dead Repub aide found under suspicious circumstances; many indications collected by NSA of “possible, imminent terrorist attack;” John Ashcroft stops flying commercially; anti-aircraft weapons protect Bush at G8 summit; arresting officers find discredited author of Bush Jr expose' dead by suicide; George W takes August off- receives intelliegence brief on imminent terrorist threat in America; five hundred Arab/Muslim websites crash when FBI raids ISP; in days before 9/11 abnormally high levels of put options purchased on United Air Lines, American Airlines; John O'Neill quits anti-terrorism team as State Dept blocks al Qaida investigations, becomes Security Chief at World Trade Center; on 9/10 Ashcroft refuses FBI. counterterrorism budget increases.

TWENTY-TWO: 9/11- The New Pearl Harbor

TWENTY-THREE: The New World Order
Two days after 9/11 China allowed into World Trade Organization- after fifteen years of unsuccessful attempts; those wierd airline 'put' orders; Patriot Act rammed through Congress with little review; anthrax scare; aiming at Iraq; Carlyle investors reap a series of defense windfalls; problems with the FBI; Michael Powell further de-regulates public airways; US uses news to tie Iraq to anthtrax scare, scientists debunk; Wall Street Journal reveals bin Laden connection to Bush Sr's Carlyle Group; Enron restates its earnings; dead and missing microbiologists; Halliburton gets contracts in Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay; FBI waits 90 days to 'raid' Enron; largest US defense budget in history; US bombs Afghanistan; Lockheed and the Bushes; Paul Wellstone battles Republican Congress.

TWENTY-FOUR: The New World Order, Part II
Enron corruption exposed, other giants fall; Enron's Baxter dead by suicide week before testimony; Carlyle Group invests in communications; Daniel Pearl kidnapped; Bush uses Sasha Cohen to hawk for Beef Association; senior VP of El Paso Corp, during questioning about El Paso's finances and connection to Enron, dead of gunshot suicide; Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan sign agreement on Afghan gas pipeline; Judicial Watch accuses Halliburton of overstating earnings by $445 million under Dick Cheney; states lose their pension to Enron; another SCI 'Funeralgate' in Florida, investigator commits suicide; how Enron/El Paso ripped off CA; Rupert Murdoch pays almost nothing in American taxes; a second panel of acoustical scientists conclude a 2nd gunman shot at the 1963 Kennedy motorcade, to a 96% degree of certainty; European press deflates White House spin on Iraq by exposing PNAC's Rebuilding America’s Defenses, which called for Iraqi invasion before Bush even took office; Wellstone votes against key components of the Bush agenda, including Homeland Security, the Iraqi invasion, ANWR oil drilling, aid to Columbia, subsidies to energy companies, etc, and advocates strenuously against many of Bush's judicial nominees; 20th anniversary of the Washington Times; Wellstone votes against war in Iraq, support for his campaign swells; right before election, Wellstone killed in a plane crash; serious problems with voting machines, inequities in general elections; Florida settles with NAACP for illegally purging tens of thousands of black voters (the names remain off the rolls for the midterm elections, as well). Carlyle Group expands to Europe, Asia.

TWENTY-FIVE: The Future Ain't What it Used to Be
The Saudi-US connection; manufacturing bombs; Carlyle Group’s 36% annual rate of return wins investors' Dream Team of the Year award; Clear Channel, with George W business partner Tom Hicks at vice chair, dominates US radio market, uses its clout (and programming like Rush Limbaugh's show) to advance Bush policies; Clear Channel runs pro-war rallies, sponsored by local radio stations, that denigrate progressives and Democrats; Clear Channel gets bigger as FCC continues to de-regulate; Schwarzenegger announces plan to quietly settle Enron, El Paso lawsuits; faith-based strategies a disaster in TX; Bush Sr buys Italian cigarette company; White House admits it has created a 'Shadow Government' to take over underground in emergency, not a single Democrat is involved; WorldCom busted for fraud, then granted large Iraqi contracts; Carlyle Group buys Britain's defense research institute; Human Rights groups charge Shell, Texaco, ExxonMobile, Unocal with abetting muder, rape, intimidation in Nigeria, Burma, etc; more voter machine funny business; Halliburton profits up 40%; born-again Christians in charge of war against Islam; General Tommy Franks predicts suspension of Constitution; US government plan for market allowing traders to bet on likelihood of terror attacks, assassinations and other Middle East events- headed by Iran-Contra felon John Poindexter- nixed after public outcry, then quietly revived by private firm that helped develop it; Wal-Mart destroying American commerce singlehandedly; corporations sending jobs to India; human genome research demonstates a gene-specific weapon can be produced, PNAC calls such a weapon potentially "a politically useful tool."

DEJAVU TODAY: The Empire Strikes Back
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